Shown aglow in etheric light, this portrait of “Blockchain Pandora” was painted with all seven celestial metals: lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury, silver and gold.

The first five metals are in pigment form, while the 23.5k gold and .999 silver are applied in thin layers of metal leaf. Enshrined through the use of the celestial metallic pigments, Pandora is animated by the cosmic forces at the moment that she unleashes the blockchain into the human domain.

This oil painting is ultimately an active and living artifact, an amalgamation of associated metals, planets, days of the week and stages of alchemy in the context of a new way of orienting to the modern world. Blockchain Pandora is ultimately a saint, and her halo reflects a decentralized, yet organized geometrical network of interdependent nodes. She has posed a formidable challenge to the status quo and there will be no turning back..

Oil on mounted canvas
Framed by the artist
Painted in Colorado

Original Available through Luminous Flux Gallery