Given the breadth of my various approaches to painting over the past few decades, it is difficult to categorize every work of art within a body of stylistically similar relatives. And yet, nonconformity certainly does not make a thing irrelevant, so I’ll offer some works from the vault that have not easily found their way into other presentations. There is not a hierarchical linearity to the stylistic development of my paintings, as can be seen below. Diverse bodies of work have grown over the course of many years, overlapping simultaneously with others.

Many distinct artistic voices have come and gone over time, with some paintings emerging spontaneously and some taking years to gradually complete, or abandon. Most have been collected, others destroyed or lost to time, while a few still remain in my art vault, hoping to be adopted one day by the kind of loving home that I have been unable to provide for so many of my paintings.

I hope you enjoy the variety of the work shown here.

Brainchild 2002
Illuminatus 2003
Birth of Purity 2003