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Returning to the ancient art of tattooing after pursuing traditional and visionary forms of painting for the past 20 years, I am deeply inspired to create transformative works of living art, in collaboration with the individuals who will be wearing them.

I am intrigued by the ritualized space of tattooing; one which has the potential to create lasting positive transformation in us. I have been fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end from artists I deeply admire, and by tattooing myself, where an outer transformation anchored the inner transformations I was experiencing.

Latvian ‘Austras Tree’

After an initial practice of 5 years in the professional tattoo industry through an apprenticeship in Minnesota with Megan Hoogland and 4 years of work in a busy Seattle shop, I left the industry to pursue a greater degree of creative freedom through oil painting. I always knew that I would come back to the craft when my skills were truly needed. That time has arrived…

In the past 2 decades, I have honed my painting skills independently, and through extensive studies with masters in a wide variety of traditions, eventually receiving my master’s degree in Traditional Arts in London. Upon diving deep into a vast array of arts practices, I understand even more what a rich tradition tattooing represents, so it is an honor to be called back by the medium itself.

Freehand geometry, 1st Session

My chosen aesthetics of this journey into ritual ink are aligned with sacred geometry, architecture, spiritual esoterica, art forms in nature, Art Nouveau and classical sculpture; all manifesting through a muted color palette of primarily black & grey, graphic lines and dotwork, plus chromatic black shading using subtle color accents, rather than full blown visionary color palettes.

Here are some of the artistic skill sets I have gained over the past 20 years, which now influence my tattoo work:
– Egg tempera icon painting in Italian and Russian lineages
– Mixed-technique egg tempera & oil painting in the Viennese lineage
– Classical realism atelier training in the Florence Academy lineage
– Alla prima painting with numerous modern realist painters
– Minature painting in Indian & Persian styles
– Manuscript illumination
– Calligraphic arts & lettering
– Gilding
– Stone carving
– Wood carving
– Plaster carving
– Metal casting
– Ceramics

– Islamic Geometry & Western Sacred Geometry

Sayagata Remix / progress from 1st session
Crystal & Geometry, based on one of my original carvings
Viking Tattoo – Odinic Ravens & Valknut Geometry

Things I would love to integrate into custom tattoo work:

This is a chip carving I designed and cut in 2020. The dimensionality will create an amazing and unique effect in skin.
From the 16th Century German Artist and Goldsmith, Wentzel Jamnitzer
There are a lot more where these came from. These kinds of geometric solids could be integrated into a variety of contexts, or be used as stand alone pieces.
From the 19th/20th Century German geometer, Max Brückner.
There are also a lot more where these came from. These geometric solids could be integrated into a variety of contexts, or be used as stand alone pieces.

Pointillism from Stanislav Szulkalski, the legendary 20th century Polish sculptor

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A bit more about the ritual aspect of tattooing.

What this means to me in practical terms is something I have had a difficult time finding in the typical modern tattoo shop setting, which is part of why I left to pursue my own independent art path 20 years ago.

To me, ritual tattoo means that we (both the artist and receiver) bring our best and most honest presence to the act of the tattoo. Setting solid intentionality for the symbolic imagery to be permanently etched into the skin can create a much more potent and powerful experience, before, during and after the physical act of tattooing. There is no set prescription for how this looks. In our age of deep individualism, each ritualized tattoo experience is going to look very different. What is important to you? This is what interests me ahead of time. How can this tattoo help you to advance your growth and dedication in this life? How can I be of service in bringing a level of depth to such a transformation?

By getting to know my clients in advance, as well as working on friends and allies, I am able to put a lot more focus into the design process, as well as in the tattooing itself. In consultations, I’m very clear about my orientation to the content and visual aspects of the artwork, and if something is not a fit for my skills and intentions, I will be sure to make that known in advance. There are an infinite number of amazing tattoo artists out there to fit every kind of aesthetic possibility.

What I offer is something that I do not see enough of, given the profound nature of this art form. I’m here as a gatekeeper for an image that is already on you, already within you. I am tasked with holding the portal open to allow it to become visible. I do my best to get out of the way to let something far more eternal make itself known.

What we each bring to the tattoo space is up to us. I hope it touches some of the deepest parts of each of us, as the potential is here to make the most of this transformational ritual.

In service to Art.