“You will never love art well, till you love what she mirrors better.”

– John Ruskin

Engaging in the diligent practice of observation is a refining aspect of Art, as much as it is a skill to be applied. The nature of observation is constantly in flux; from the entire scope of sight, down into microscopic details. We cannot simultaneously see everything in focus at once, and a painting can be a deeply accurate reflection of our true mode of perception.

Engaging with the eyes and working through the hands to awaken the heart to an order of beauty in which the artwork and the artist are blessed to partake.

My Feeding Heart, 11×14″

Octopus, 11×14″

Gar Skull, 11×14″

Grapes, 5×5″

Silver Pitcher, 5×5″

Star Dodecahedron, 5×7″

Mortimer, 4×6″ 2017

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