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“The aim of the great inventive landscape painter must be to give the far higher truth of mental vision, rather than that of physical facts.”
– John Ruskin

Landscape painting creates a necessity to quickly translate a vast environment into something infinitely more simplified than the original complexity. Working from life and imagination both offer the opportunity to develop working strategies, both material and methodical, that convey the depth and richness of a scene through its own means, particularly as the paintings will never be seen in the setting of its original inspiration. It must convey something of the essence of that initial scene, while knowingly existing as a false version of it. Therefore it may be more important for the painting techniques themselves to create their own unified world. This can be expressed in the color mixing strategies and in the style of paint application, among other nuanced subtleties in the creation of a scene.

Cover image from the 2017 limited edition book “Wish I Were Here”
Features 64 pages of small scale paintings in three different chapters: Paintings created en plein air, from memory & through the imagination.

There is always a unique angle available in painting, a stone as yet left unturned. Escaping predictability is essential to continued growth. Novel color combinations and different approaches help to kickstart the discovery process and help bring full presence back into the work. Quick studies are useful in capturing fleeting atmospheric conditions, both with inner and outer vistas.