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The processes of carving in wood or stone are unlike most other artistic mediums. The tools and materials may seem to only produce a small spectrum of results, relative to the possibilities inherent in painting, but it is precisely these limitations that bring specific approaches to the forefront of the craft.

Works in progress on marble, slate and calcite

In a world that has mechanized almost everything, handmade stonework has become increasingly rare outside of full-blown sculpture.  Flat work, including headstones, memorials and other signage has nearly disappeared in favor of laser and sandblasted methods.  While there is a certain economy and haste that may be served by this change, the human touch is a crucial missing element.  In former times, from the ancient to the somewhat recent, lettering in stone was given a much greater appreciation, not only for the mastery required by its artisan practitioners in both lettering and carving alike, but also in the human feeling which goes noticeably absent which the machine is employed indiscriminately.

Carvings in multiple styles on various types of wood and stone