“I look to the beauty of the natural world for inspiration, in its infinitely subtle and intricate patterns. Forms in nature become syllables in a secret language of consciousness at every scale. It is from this diversity of phenomenal lifeforms that Art emerges.

It is the responsibility of the modern artist to look inward, then forward..and inward again.

If one’s art is to be a fulfillment of the ongoing renaissance in this vast cosmology, its presence must deliver a vision which will continue to inspire the advancements of personal and cultural evolution.

It is the necessity of the emerging movement to build authentic bridges to a brilliant future upon the strength of our determination to envision the possibilities.


A lifelong artist, David Heskin began oil painting in 1995. His first 15 years with oils were largely self-guided, after which time he sought out teachers of artistic techniques that are on the brink of being lost. Many years later, having studied in numerous distinct and direct master’s lineages, his original work has become an integrated expression of this artistic fusion.  With a focus to seamlessly weave the richness of traditional symbolic themes with the innovative spirit of a modern polymath, David lives in service to drawing forth new visions that invite a wide audience to bask in the inspirational light of creativity.

In exploration of creative freedom through elegant forms and impossible angles, his driving aspiration is to create artifacts and visual experiences which are otherwise unavailable to the human eye.

David Heskin’s artwork is exhibited in museums, galleries, cultural centers, theaters and private collections throughout North America, Europe and beyond.


LOVE – Dreams & Divinities & AOI Europe – Online Exhibition
The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts Degree Exhibition – London, UK
Art in the Age of Pandaemonia – International Online Exhibition

Fêlures et Lumières – Atelier GustaveParis, France
Interfaith Exhibition – Goodenough College – London, UK
Ancient Future –
Goodenough College – London, UK

– Sedan, France
Sacred Deer – Chateau de Comper – Broceliande, France
The Wheel of re-Creation
– Axis Gallery – Seattle, WA
Luminaries – McNichols Civic Center – Denver, CO

Dreams & Divinities – Sierra Nevada, Colombia
Sacred Deer91 Rue de Seine – Paris, France
Modern Symbolists – KrabJab Studios – Seattle, WA
Immortal Façade – Luminous Flux Gallery – Loveland, CO
Masks 2017 – Fort Collins Museum of Art – Fort Collins, CO
Subvert the Dominant Parallelogram – Luminous Flux Gallery – Loveland, CO

In Love with the LandscapeLuminous Flux Gallery – Loveland, CO
Unveiling the Muse
– Luminous Flux Gallery – Loveland, CO
Art for Peace –
Galerie Friese – Kirschau, Germany
Chimeria Festival International des Arts Visionnaires
Sedan, France

Transmission – Galerie 10 – Vienna, Austria
Masks 2016 –
Fort Collins Museum of Art – Fort Collins, CO
Art for Peace –
Atelier Gustave – Paris, France

Garden of Fernal Delights Bash Contemporary – San Francisco, CA
Dreams & Divinities –
LuminArte Gallery – Dallas, TX
Masks 2015
– Fort Collins Museum of Art – Fort Collins, CO
All for Love –
Luminous Flux Gallery – Loveland, CO

Divining the Dream – Ammon-Ra Gallery – Monterrey, Mexico
Grand Opening – Luminous Flux Gallery – Loveland, CO

CAVA 1 Year Anniversary Exhibition – Skylite Station Gallery – Denver, CO
Divining the Dream – Museum La Enseñanza – San Cristobal, Mexico

Divining the Dream – Atelier Porte-Soleil Paris, France

Art Spirit Now – Agora at the Riverside – Boulder, CO
Emerging Light – Trace Gallery – Denver, CO
Divining the Dream – Instituto de America Santa FeGranada, Spain
Divining the Dream – Centro Cultural San Marcos – Toledo, Spain

Chimeria Festival International des Arts Visionnaires – Sedan, France

EnQuete du Sacré – Atelier Porte-Soleil – Paris, France
Int’l Group Exhibition – Centro Municipal de Cultura – Granada, Spain

Group Exhibition – The Other Side Arts Gallery Denver, Colorado

The Irresistable Stream of TimeGalerie 10 – Vienna, Austria
Group Exhibition – Temple of Visions Gallery,  Los Angeles CA

Grand Opening – Tribe13 Gallery – Ukiah, CA
Grand Opening – Temple of Visions Gallery,  Los Angeles CA

Interdimensional Art Show – Fenario Gallery,  Eugene OR
Temple of Visions – The Hive Gallery,  Los Angeles CA

Suite Jesus – 111 Minna Gallery,  San Francisco CA
Bridging Worlds – The Fall Gallery,  Vancouver BC
Soul To Soul – MicroCoSM Gallery – New York, NY

Interdimensional Art Show – Gallery of the Senses,  Seattle WA

MetaMedia 3 – Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art – Eugene, OR
Amrita – Braindrops Gallery,  San Francisco CA

Synergenesis 3 – Red Ink Studios, San Francisco CA
Interdimensional Art Show – Gallery of the Senses,  Seattle WA
Visionary Trinity 3 Artist Exhibition – Gallery of the Senses,  Seattle WA

Synergenesis 2 – Project Artaud, San Francisco CA
Avatar – Chapel of Sacred Mirrors,  New York NY
Interdimensional Art Show – Gallery of the Senses,  Seattle WA
Unspeakable Experiences Solo Exhibition – The Peanut Gallery,  Seattle WA

Synergenesis – Cell Space,  San Francisco CA
Humandala – Gallery of the Senses,  Seattle WA
Interdimensional Art Show – Gallery of the Senses,  Seattle WA

Visions from Within/Beyond Solo Exhibition – Artcore Studios,  Seattle WA
David Heskin Solo Exhibition – Rival Art Studios,  Albuquerque NM
Tension & Severity Solo Exhibition – Optic Nerve Arts  Portland OR



2014/Present – Co-Owner & Creative Director,  Luminous Flux Gallery
2013/16 – Instructor, Vienna Academy of Visionary Art
2011/Present – Independent Painting Instructor
1998/Present – Professional Artist


2018/20 – MA Traditional Arts – The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts
2016 – Alla Prima Portraiture with Zoey Frank
2016 – Alla Prima Landscape with Judson Monroe
2015 – Egg Tempera Icon Painting & Gilding with Fred Wessel
2014/15 – Sight-Size Technique at The Loveland Atelier
2010 – Mischtechnik (Egg Tempera & Oil) Painting, Italy
2003 – Figurative Painting at Seattle Academy of Fine Art
1998/99 – Professional Artist Apprenticeships – CO / MN


2019 – Ancient Future – Goodenough College, London, UK
2018 – Luminaries – McNichols Civic Center, Denver, CO
2016 – Ernst Fuchs Tribute Exhibition – Galerie 10, Vienna, Austria
2014 – CAVA 1-Year Anniversary Exhibition, Denver, CO
2013 – Art Spirit Now, Boulder, CO
2013 – CAVA – Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists, Denver, CO
2009 – Art Spirit Now, Portland, OR


2018 – Self-Published Book, Wish I Were Here, D. Heskin
2015 – Contributing Artist, The Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs, L.W.Stambollion
2015 – Contributing Artist, Dream Wheels, D.Burford
2013 – Contributing Artist, Divining the Dream, L.W.Stambollion
2011 – Self-Published Book, Mana Prima, D. Heskin
2011 – Cover Artist, The Invisible College, G.Llwydd
2010 – Cover Artist, The First Manifesto of Visionary Art, L.Caruana
2005 – Contributing Artist, CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture, CoSM Press
2005 – Contributing Artist, System Catalogue, D.Solkinson/E.Bradford
2005 – Contributing Artist, Medicine Catalogue, D.Solkinson/E.Bradford
2004 – Contributing Artist, Vision Catalogue, D.Solkinson/E.Bradford