I request an initial $250 deposit that covers the drawing of the tattoo design. Often the work that goes into the drawing takes far more hours of research, drawing and re-drawing than the final tattoo does!
This deposit is non-refundable and ensures that you are secured a space in my limited schedule. Once the drawing deposit is paid, we’ll schedule the tattoo appointment with enough advance notice to complete the custom artwork. Usually this takes from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how far in advance the current schedule is booked.

What happens in the creation of a transformational ritual tattoo?
We sit together and drink tea. We speak and we listen. We share our humanity and the things that inspire us. We offer something of ourselves to the process. We notice the places in ourselves where meaning arises. From this awareness, the past is honored, the future is seeded and the present moment is apprehended. We celebrate the fleeting nature of life, knowing that the marks we make will slowly change and fade in the light of the life giving sun. We make the marks anyway. This is what makes us human. Sometimes it is a symbol that holds meaning, other times it is the pure act of being indelibly transformed that is most important. Everyone is unique in this manner, but what remains true for all is that we are permanently changed by the experience. How you choose to change, to grow, and to evolve is up to you. I am a gatekeeper for transformation, creating portals in the flesh. Let’s work together and see where the journey takes us..